About Us



Well, long story, probably made longer. I’m Jen, I live in the Sunny South East but hail from Kildare.

I’ve two children, Tegan (6yrs) and Oscar (3yrs) whom I love and adore and who also drive me nuts, as they do :). 

I discovered teething necklaces on my second child and fell in love with them. So I started making them for myself and friends and basically got carried away. 

We all know that our little ones are always busy, whether they’re being fed, being held or playing. They love to pull, chew and grab everything. We also know how accessories can really finish off an outfit. The two don’t always go together.

And that is why I love teething jewellery. I could pop on my teething necklace, dress up and finish off styling my outfit, and not worry that while I was holding my little guy, chatting to a friend that he was chomping away on my necklace. He’s totally safe from any nasty sharp edges, his gums are getting relief and he can’t break it! I didn’t have to keep taking it off him or tell him no. And I looked great! (I’m obviously very modest)

Honestly this is a must have for parents of the teething babies. Trust me!

I appreciate any feedback you have so please get in touch. Check out the ‘Contact Us’ section for details. 

Thanks for reading all that, Jen xxx